Social Groups Preteens and Teens

Our group programs focus on developing beginning and advanced social skills specifically for pre-teens and teens including:

  • Understanding and responding to others’ behaviors and emotions
  • Flexible thinking
  • Interpreting and responding to nonverbal language
  • Developing and Maintaining meaningful relationships
  • Building functional life skills
  • Building interest in new activities
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Appropriate behavior
  • Building and sustaining friendships
  • Problem solving
  • Life’s evolving complexities
  • Increasing age appropriate activities
  • Increasing interest in pop culture
  • Community outings
  • Life skills

We create a fun group learning environment built around a specific area of interest. This program is available to individuals with autism, related developmental disabilities, those who have a difficult time with social skills and typically developing individuals. Groups will be identified and arranged following a brief pre-session evaluation.

Our group programs are research-based and implement the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. Through our social groups and summer camps, our students build confidence, develop skills, and connect to community.